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Quality Management

Certified Quality Engineer (CQE)®

The Certified Quality Engineer (CQE®) is a professional who understands the principles of product and service quality evaluation and control.The responsibilities the development and operation of quality control systems, application and analysis of testing and inspection procedures the ability to use metro-logy and statistical methods to diagnose correct improper quality control practices.

The Certification Body :

ASQ® – American Society for Quality Control

American Society for Quality Control (ASQ)®, is a knowledge-based global community of quality professionals. With individual and organizational members around the world, ASQ® has the reputation and reach to bring together the diverse quality champions who are transforming the world’s corporations, organizations and communities to meet tomorrow’s critical challenges.


  • Eight Years Of Experience In the areas of the Certified Quality Engineer Body of Knowledge.
  • Part of the eight-year experience requirement will be waived.
  • Diploma— one year will be waived.
  • Associate degree — two years waived.
  • Bachelor’s degree — four years waived.
  • Master’s or doctorate — five years waived.

Learning Objectives

  • Understanding of quality principle.
  • Understanding of a quality system and its development.
  • Basic understanding of the audit process.
  • Basic knowledge of reliability, maintainability,and risk management.
  • Enable to acquire and analyze data using appropriate standard quantitative methods.

Training Outline

  • Management and Leadership.
  • The Quality System.
  • Product, Process, and Service Design
  • Product and Process Control.
  • Quantitative Methods and Tools.
  • Risk Management.